Dear Harmony pain relief crystal magnets. Thank you so much. They have helped me so much in controlling my pain with out medication. I started using them for breast tenderness and really bad period pains. They worked almost instantly like a pain killer . I am so happy that I don’t need to take painkillers any more. The amazing thing is! Being a herpes suffer. I was also getting an outbreak every month on my bum cheek with my period . I had tried 6 months of strong medication to break the cycle but nothing worked. This virus is extremely painful an difficult to live with. I decided to leave the Harmony pain relief crystal magnets on continuously to help with the pain to my surprise it not only helped with pain it healed the herpes quicker than with medication! I have now been free from an outbreak in over 8 months and truly believe this is due to my use of harmony pain relief thank you so much it has made such a big difference to the quality of my life.

Emily - UK.

Dawn Arnold

I have been wearing one of these beautiful necklaces for nearly a month now. I was curious how such an eye catching item of jewellery could be beneficial to my health and well being. I can happily and honestly say since wearing it I have found I have a much more positive state of mind and sense of calm and overall well being. Among other things I seem to have more energy and much lower stress levels and previously suffering tension headaches on a regular basis, they have gladly eased off and not returned. I have received so many compliments whilst wearing the necklace as they really are beautiful. I will continue to wear it all the time and look forward to discovering new benefits to come. I really recommend this little treasure to anyone willing to try something different that has such a welcome effect and produces results.

Dawn Arnold - Surrey, UK


Within 20 mins of placing them on my underwear the constant nagging pain had gone.

Debbie - Brittany, France


For a number of years I have suffered with constant bloating and lower abdominal pain. So as I have tried just about everything I can find, I decided to try the Harmony system as well. I clipped the crystal mags on to my under wear in the proscribed setting and it is really hard to say how long it took for the pain to go. It was very rapid, I suddenly realised that I was pain free, nice one.

Lisa - Kent, UK


I used the Harmony system for my chronic back pain, it has definitely been of benefit. It’s a lot easier and I can nearly touch my toes again, something I have been unable to do for the last 30 years.

Danny - Surrey, UK


I used the Harmony system for pain I have been experiencing from one of my kidneys due to a suspected kidney stone, now pain free which is very helpful.

Gail - Cambridge, UK