david steven
David Stevens, in 1997 developed (CKT) Chirokinetic Therapy which has shown to be outstandingly effective in treating many auto-immune diseases – in particular allergies from hay fever to anaphylaxis. Over the previous two years he has been working on the development of an outstanding drug free pain relief system, combining the healing power of carnelian gem stones and magnets.

What is the Harmony Pain Relief System?

Magnets have been known for their use in health since ancient times, right back to the early 1500’s Paracelsus who said “The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind” was known to promote the effects of magnetism. Increasingly, reports and research are being done into their effects but the myriad of positive feedback throughout the world are testament to their good effect. Certainly, this seems a non-invasive way of seeking pain relief.

The Harmony Pain Relief System is unique combining the positive effects of carnelian gem stones and gold plated neodymium magnets, using them on the body to form a pyramid like energy field. This energy pattern is thought to increase circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid which has a harmonious effect. Particularly for women during menstruation, when worn as a ready prepared bra insert, pendant or a card set. In ancient times the high priest wore a breast plate set with carnelian gem stones for protection. They are also said to benefit the lungs, kidneys and liver.

The Harmony bra inserts and card set have a locking magnet system enabling them to be fitted to underwear or night clothes. They are small enough to be un-obtrusive, not show through clothing or to be uncomfortable. They are easily removed for changing clothes, washing, etc. diagram
Many men also have found it of benefit, reducing the frequency of urination particularly at night when used over the lower abdomen. Reduced back pain, cramping and digestive discomfort also improves.

People who have tried the Harmony Pain Relief System claim that this combination has a pain–easing healing effect for them, you can read their stories here on the Testimonial Page.
The magnet/gemstone combinations are also available in card a set containing three gem/mags with a central locking pair of gold plated magnets. Set in a specific triangular pattern providing a pyramidal like healing energy field. During trials the Harmony team established this as the most effective set up.
For best results the most common areas to wear the magnets are over the upper and lower abdomen.

The carnelian gem stones set with the gold plated neodymium magnets have shown to be the most effective, when attached to underwear or clothing so that the locking magnets are touching the body. Similarly in bra inserts or set in a triangular pattern in one of our sterling silver pendants or card set.
Although there are preferred positions for the card sets, several people have experimented and had pleasing results using them in a variety of positions.

“My breast tenderness and abdominal cramping are a thing of the past, thanks to using the Harmony Pain Relief system”

“It had a brilliant effect and my pain disappeared so rapidly, I wasn’t sure whether it was minutes or an hour”

“Within 20mins of placing them on my underwear the constant nagging pain had gone”

“My breast tenderness and abdominal cramping are a thing of the past, thanks to using the Harmony Pain Relief system”

“Since using the carnelian set up on my lower abs, I now only need one visit to the bathroom each night. Very reassuring”

If you experience discomfort due to nagging pain, such as tender breasts, abdominal cramping – particularly during menstruation, back, neck, or joint pain. Then the Harmony Pain Relief System could be exactly what you are looking for. The Harmony System, can provide “drug free” relief from pain when used in the prescribed setting and Harmony pendants can protect against electromagnetic forces.